If I were a superhero, I would want to be the electric violinist Manchester. This might surprise you, but really, a superior superhero would be hard to find.

Let’s begin with the powers. I would cultivate the ability to break things with extreme sonic waves. Imagine an soprano at an opera, but add a targeting system. I would shatter more than champagne glasses. My sonic scales would slice through a bankrobber’s gun, concrete walls, or a stack of two-by-fours.

The costume would look like a personified violin. Perfect for a slightly overweight pear-shapped crime-fighter, the violin profile would strike fear (of boredom) in the heart of every villain. Instead of a utility belt, I would store gadgets in the f holes.

My sidekick could be The Strativarian, and I would live beneath the local Orchestra Pit. Our mod vehicle could be called, “The Case,” and the doors would open upward.